Our Story

Our Story

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I was a Happy Healthy Active 23 year old woman when I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, an extremely painful life threatening inflammatory bowel disease.

Crohn’s is so debilitating that my boyfriend, Brett, had to quit his job to become my full time nurse, and watched while I withered away to near 80lbs and almost passed away more then once!

I could not sleep because I was in such terrible pain everyday. I could not eat and if I did it went right through me.  I was going to the bathroom every 30 minutes! It’s like no pain I can describe, to just say stomach-cramping sounds like a day at the beach.  I always had to be right by the bathroom, and the pain while going was so deep and so incredibly intense that I would scream silently, grab handfuls of my hair by it’s roots in each hand and pull as hard as I could to not feel the pain in my stomach.  Once, I actually pulled out some hair so I stopped doing that. Then there are ALL the other terribly painful side effects from going to the bathroom so much. I will spare the details on this part but they were awful.

No modern western medicine or doctor could help.  Prescribing me the maximum dosage of addicting, toxic medicines, and recommending surgeries that are not only life threatening, but would leave me with a colonoscopy bag and on steroids for the rest of my miserable life.

The Doctors weren’t even sure if the medicine they were prescribing was helping, but they kept upping my dosage to the maximum, even over maximum, prescribed amounts to no avail. I kept getting sicker and could not afford the hundreds of pills I was prescribed a month.

My now husband, Brett, was not only taking care of me 24 hours a day, he also studied about my disease every second he could. He figured out these pills and surgeries only made this disease worse and actually would end up killing me.

Brett knew that Cannabis/Marijuana would help the nausea, the pain, and with my lack of sleep. So he begged his friends for some since we had no money.

After learning I could get a prescription for marijuana and possibly get assistance with the costs at a buyers club, I went to get a recommendation.

In the Doctors office Brett found a copy of Oshaunassy’s Medical Journal, put together by a fine group of Physicians. In this journal there was a study called  “Cannabis Alleviates Crohn’s Symptoms”.  This study showed very clearly how cannabis helped every aspect of my disease. Rebuilding the gut lining, modulating the immune system, and so much more, like how the endocannabinoid system is what’s at the center of it all.

All this time while searching about my disease on the internet Brett never thought to add the words cannabis, cannabinoids and endocannabinoids to the search with the words crohn’s disease.  Why would you do that, we have always been told marijuana is bad for us, what would cannabis have to do with medical information.  Right?  Wrong!

Immediately after reading the Oshaunassy’s article Brett went onto the medical websites and started searching using the words cannabis, cannabinoids and endocannabinoids combined with his normal disease terms, and let me tell you he started finding all kinds of stuff. He was so excited and mad at the same time.

Four years he watched as I withered away dying in front of his eyes. Going to so many doctors, trying all their deadly medications, fighting their deadly surgeries, and all that time not one doctor even mentioned cannabis to us!

Since Brett now had the answer he was looking for, he took his anger and excitement and focused it on how to get me better.

Thank God we found marijuana!  And thank God I have Brett!  I thank Brett so much for taking care of me; sticking by me, doing his own research, and telling the doctors to go to….  and for figuring out how to make the marijuana milk that saved my life!

I’ll never forget the first time he gave me a cup of the milk, it was the first time in four years that my stomach pain went away and I stopped going to the bathroom every 30 minutes.  That night I slept through the night instead of waking up every hour to go to the bathroom.  It was like a miracle that after years of suffering and searching with no success something actually worked!  There is hope!  From that cup on things got progressively better.  After six years of suffering I finally felt like a normal healthy 30 year old!  Things are so good now that we are even trying to have kids.

I did NOT have one surgery, and I do NOT take ANY of the 30+ pills I was taking a day.  I just use Marijuana!  It not only helps with ALL my symptoms it actually is repairing my gut lining and bringing my body to homeostasis.  Marijuana heals your body, mind and soul.

Without marijuana milk I would be disabled; but thanks to marijuana, hard work, research, dedication, love and support from my husband and family I have my life back! I am a functioning part of society instead of living off government support.

Marijuana can help so many more people, but the stigma and the lack of information available are keeping this wonderful medicine from reaching it’s full potential. People are suffering needlessly!

We had very tragic events occur that led us to believe we had to do something. We had a friend we looked up to as a mentor.  She had a family while she was living with Crohn’s, but would not use cannabis because of the stigma. She ended up passing away 6 months after we told her about the cannabis. She has 4 kids under the age of 13.  There were a few more very personal events that happened, as sad as this and it led us to believe we had to do something. Cannabis is safer then aspirin and people are scared to use it. Even though it will save their life… it’s all natural and NON-TOXIC.

We both knew we could not go back to our normal jobs and not tell anyone what we found. We wanted to tell people the information that was not told to us, so no one else has to go through what we went through.  We tried to go back to my gastroenterologist and tell him that this marijuana milk worked, but he didn’t want to listen and definitely didn’t want to tell any of his other patients about it.  So we knew we had to tell people ourselves.

When Brett started searching for medical marijuana research there were no websites other than the www.letfreedomgrow.com site that had any medical marijuana studies.  Not Norml not anyone.

So we started the Marijuana Saves Lives Foundation. With lots of love and family donations, we created a website to have all the medical information in one spot. We wanted a way to attract people to the website, so we design quirky shirts and stickers that have a positive intelligent message even the non-user can appreciate. Spreading the truth all the while changing the stigma with truthful medical information. “The truth shall set thou free.”

The Marijuana Saves Lives Foundation is a grassroots non-profit, working off of charitable donations and t-shirts sales. We are dedicated to changing the negative stigma that is associated with marijuana.  Change will come from the truth.

We are the only non-profit group that promotes education and awareness and is focused on helping the people. Talking with you, showing you the truth, giving you the medical information so you can take that knowledge and share it with your loved ones and friends, most importantly saving the life of someone you care about.

That’s all we want to do is get the information to the people that need help.  We can heal ourselves with a plant grown in our backyard!

Our website is full of medical information, recipes, growing techniques, and patient forums with something for everyone.  Our clothing line and stickers help spread the truth with style and humor.

When we go to public events we personally talk to thousands of people changing their lives giving them hope and a way to care for loved ones in despair. Through our public awareness we have helped thousands and we want to help thousands more.

Your support helps us spread the truth to more people, and save more lives!  You can support us by making a tax-deductible donation, wearing our gear, reading our magazine, going to our events, talking to your family and friends, and spreading the truth.

That’s what Marijuana Saves Lives Foundation is all about, bringing marijuana into the light, taking a negative and turning it into a positive!